Team Building


Team Building provide the culture in which your company operates. It takes the soft skills of the individual and applies them to the team. That old saying, “The family that plays together, stays together.” is true for companies as well.

Team Building are fundamental to organization development. In fact, “Organization Development” is becoming so important that many companies are dedicating an entire department to it. Comedy Parlor provides the experiential training, or interplay, to complement this vital aspect to running a business.

Our games and exercises are specifically designed to engage teams in challenges that relate directly back to the challenges they face together in their organization.

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 Below are a couple of articles and a video, signifying the importance of improv in the workplace.

“The same techniques these actors use can help you and your team members work together to create powerful ideas for your business goal, mission or project.” – Take a Page From Hollywood, Improv Your Next Brainstorming Session, Entrepreneur,

“…business schools at esteemed institutions such as Duke, MIT and UCLA have all made investments in improv training… the skills used in improv are rooted in communication, influence, engagement, listening, relationship building and awareness.” –For Leaders, Improv Training Is No Laughing Matter, CLO, 2/1/2013

“If your boss doesn’t give you a role on the next big project, don’t assume she overlooked you. Maybe there is a better, more suitable opportunity she’s holding out for you. So, YES, there could be an opportunity, AND you need to find out what it is.  YES, there are great projects to be had, AND you need to ensure your boss knows you want one. It’s not about being overly optimistic but remaining open to the possibility that there can be a good outcome AND responding proactively.” – Assume the Positive for Career Success: Talk to the AND, Forbes, 8/15/2011

“Putting “yes, and” into your own vocabulary and philosophy makes you someone who listens and builds on other people’s ideas. You can still debate or disagree, but this vocabulary shows you recognized the importance of what a person said.” – Jeter, Giuliani, and Gates: Great Leaders Who Improvise, CBS Money Watch, 2/17/2010

“If you mean to make an impression, you have to be able to think on your feet, hurl yourself into the moment, and improvise.” –How to think faster, better on your feet, CNN, 8/12/2008