Free Drop In Class

Level 1 Performance
Tuesday July 8 @ 6pm

This is the chance to see if you want to learn the craft of comedic performance. All 3 offerings are presented and practiced here, stand up, sketch, and improv. Come out, have some fun and laughs, and meet the instructors. Oh, and it’s FREE!


Improv For Fun
Wednesday July 9 @ 6pm

Improv For Fun is a great class to take, if you want to come out and have a laugh, learn about this very accessible and playful craft. We get you playing games from “Who’s Line Is It, Anyway?” to creating scenes on the fly. Gain confidence on stage and in your daily life. Most importantly, you’ll have a laugh.

This is a FREE class to attend to see if you would like to take the plunge or just meet some fellow adventurers….