yup only 3 more days of school!  once again the blue team won… big surprise… actually my arms turned into jello so i said to myself  ‘self, your arms are jello, go ahead and eat them’ and so i did. alright i know that last part was kind of wierd but i’ll make up for that with funny pictures! Thats a spicy meatball! (austin used to say that all the time!- it would make me mad and that encourge him to say it even more) ok anyway funny pics…i’ll have more tomorrow!

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  1. Persephone66

    GUESS WHO CALLED ME TONIGHT????  KARA!  KARA MUSKE!!!!   Remember 2+2=doorknob???  well, we must go see her on thursday night between 7 and 12.  So be there! 

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