i’m sad that i don’t get to keep my pictures … i’ve only have 6 days left… oh well- anyway i told my mom that i was going to donate blood soon… and she called me Flanders and started doing impressions. excuse me i did not fant and she did… a long long time ago. i also went fishing with my parents and i kept thinking that I had a bite when it really was just only seaweed… I think grandma is coming back on Sat. but don’t quote me on that… and its about that time where I start working on my quilts… thats the cool thing to do.

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  1. Persephone66

    Hey, where’s my quilt??  Blood Buddies!  A+!  Are we doing it on Friday?? I am leaving on Saturday.  I also want to get m ear pierced but i don’t know if I can do that before I give blood.  Contact me.

    Frisbee golf?

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