its quite dark outsite… probably because my banner is gone and mother nature and I have connections. anyway… i posted a quote tina said… and you knows its gots to be true b/c why would i make-up a quote?! that would be a waste of everyone’s time included me and snuffaluffiguss. my father wants to buy a corvette… my other parental unit states the following: he is having a mid-life crisis… but that ok with me so long as we get a corvette. but it would be a 1992 i think…. no work tomorrow….

yeah thats another thing… greg wouldn’t let me work at the pawnee pool…
A. i wouldn’t drive 30 min to get there.
B. I would be outside
C. I would get paid $7
…the only thing the Y has that better is that its open all year round…. and grandma lives in stillwater.. yup thats all the reasons… nothing else… NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO-TING!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Anonymous

    why would she say that!?!?  im confused. 

    hmm the pawnee pool sounds so much better than the Y for all the reasons listed above.  i am jealous.  i wish i worked there….your dad….hmmm i dont know what to say

    haha kyle and eric try to make you and valerie talk. i like working with travis and crystal.  they are fun.  i talk to them alot. 

    see you later


  2. Anonymous

    I would work there anyways…just don’t tell him, be secretive you can do it Nicole….all night long plus 7 dollars is a good amount of money…go Nicole, go for the gold and beat your dad you can win…yes you can! Hooray for mid-life crisis. Get the corvet that’s a good mid-life crisis.

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